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Hi @RickCarlino

I’m not sure if it’s just for me or not, but I’ve noticed E-mail notifications aren’t working for me anymore for the past few weeks. I’ve tried the usual check my junk mail, etc. but I’m wondering if anything has changed for E-mail notifications? I run my own mail server so I’m quite sure it’s working fine :slight_smile:

@stre1026 The problem appears to be on your end:

Deliveries seem to be going through, whereas deliveries to your address are resulting in a “drop”.

Thanks @RickCarlino

Is this from today? I had an issue in the past that has been resolved. If not, I’ll have to look into it. I’m receiving other E-mails just fine.

@stre1026 That is from our email vendor’s dashboard. I took the screenshot just now. I am going to try sending a message to myself in a moment. I will let you know if it succeeds or fails. :hourglass_flowing_sand:

@stre1026 It looks like the drop reason on our end was Bounced Address

@RickCarlino So this was the problem I was having a about a month ago. I have since fixed that problem. Is there a way you can unblacklist my address?

@stre1026 We don’t block emails on our end so I don’t think this is an issue with our email vendor. Here is some more information I was able to extract: The error message is 550 5.4.316 Message expired, connection refused

Additionally, my messages just came in:


Actually, that last error message is not related I think that’s from your previous errors (last month)

Hi @RickCarlino

I just checked my logs and I’m not even receiving the message so I think Sendgrid may be dropping those messages before they even get to me because in the past, they were bouncing. It’s to prevent backscatter.

Hi @RickCarlino

I’m happy to take this to private message if you’d like but I found this on SendGrid’s site. Do you have a “suppression group” setting somewhere?

Drops - SendGrid will drop an email when the contact on that email is in one of your suppression groups, the recipient email previously bounced, or that recipient has marked your email as spam.


In your SendGrid Dashboard, navigate to the Suppressions section and select “Bounces”. From here you can search for the user and remove them from this list.

@stre1026 I may have removed you. Maybe. Can you try again?

Hi @RickCarlino

Do you use SendGrid to send Emails from the forum? If so, I received notification of this message so that’s good. I wasn’t getting those before! I just created a sequence to send an Email with FarmBot’s position and I didn’t get that one though. Maybe it takes some time?


Success! Thank you!!

@stre1026 OK, glad to see it is fixed. For reference, the web app will batch email SEND MESSAGE blocks into a “digest” that gets sent out every 15 minutes or so (to prevent a flood of emails if a user creates an endless loop in their sequences). I was not aware that SendGrid was doing this, which is good to know. Thanks for your investigation of the matter!


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