Easy way to change network

When we rolled out our FarmBot, we connected it to the only wifi network then available to us, an unreliable (and public) network. For enhanced security and stability, we have decided to create a new network just for FarmBot. I know I can force FarmBot to return to Configurator mode by depriving it of the network for a long enough period, but I would rather avoid disrupting the public network if possible.

Is there a straightforward way I can use the web app to instruct FarmBot to change its network? I realize that I will lose connectivity on the previous network the instant I do that, but then I should be able to sign onto the new network and restore connectivity.

You can press the FACTORY RESET button in the Device widget. FarmBot will reboot into Configurator mode, allowing you to enter credentials for a new WiFi network.

Thanks! Will try this.