Electricity requirements in NZ

I’m planning to use Farmbot in NZ, has anyone been able to set this up successfully in NZ? I assume the electrical requirements would be different to US. Is it as simple as attaching a converter or transformer?

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The power supply they give you should have a switch to change between 110 and 240 volts on the side of it :smiley:

I had the same question for the UK … my electrican asked me this after I have him some info from the farmbot solar power section…’'that info explains the energy usage maybe if you email the farm bot company asking for the electrical requirements for installation they might have better info it looks like a US product so will to know voltage options , amps of protective circuit breaker , max kw etc etc ‘’ … is there anything in addition to Luther’s answer that I need to give him ?

Hey pdd,

FarmBot basically sips electricity. I’m running mine here in the US on a 20 amp breaker, 120VAC @ 60 Hz, but that’s mainly out of convention: most house hold breakers are either 15 amps or 20 amps.

As for specs, take a look at this link, and read through the table in the “Emissions from Using FarmBot” section. This will give you a rough order of magnitude of the electricity needs of FarmBot. A rough ceiling of energy use: if you have FarmBot use every peripheral at once while computing a Fibonacci sequence out to the 10e10 order, then FarmBot will pull around 384 watts (note: NOT kilowatts…only watts). On the US power (120VAC) system, this is 3.55 amps (assuming a power factor of 0.9). In the UK, assuming 230VAC, and similar power factor, it’d be 1.85 amps. Here’s a handy-dandy calculator to help out.

Finally, I recommend giving FarmBot it’s own dedicated circuit as this gives you the ability to turn it on and off as necessary, and allows you to isolate it from the rest of your house in the event of a lightning strike (you’ll need extra equipment to accomplish this…ask your electrician). There are likely some local electrical code rules for outdoor circuits; again, ask your electrician.

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Fuzzy, thank you that’s great info have passed on to my electrician