Electronics housing

Does anyone have an alternative supplier to the electronics housing?

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Here’s a list of suppliers and their stock status.

Thanks Gabriel, luckily one of them supplies to europe, however it will add up to 50 $ including shipping.
If anyone has a better option I’d still like to know,

We are designing our own housing as a 3D printable part at the moment.
Currently we plan to put only the Rasperry Pi, Arduino and 12to5V Converter inside. The Power Supply and the pumps we prefer to not install on the gantry but somewhere else, so we enter the cabe carrier with 12V only.
If somebody is interested in this, we would be happy share ideas STL resp. STEP Files for the 3D.

GLG Frank


I’d be very interested in the design for the housing. actaully I did see your BOM had it listed as “selbstdrucken” but didn’t put too much into it:)

I’d be interested in seeing your design too! For this first batch of kits we’re using the off-the-shelf housing but for future kits we plan on making our own injection molded housing that will be more optimized for the electronics and needs to of the device.