Emergency stop wiring


Does anyone know how the emergency stop button is connected to the connector? I mean a wiring diagram of how the no/nc is connected to the board.

@jakeelee starting from the FBOS software view, Emergency Stop is routed ( by default mapping ) to Raspberry Pi GPIO 16. The init code sets up this GPIO like this

:ok = GPIO.set_interrupts(pin, :rising)
:ok = GPIO.set_pull_mode(pin, :pulldown)

So the wiring chain from the push-button ( via the Raspberry Pi Adapter Board in Genesis models ) needs to present logical NO contacts ( with 10k external pulldown ) to the Raspberry Pi.
Pressing E-STOP applies 3V3 to input GPIO 16.

Refer Electronics | FarmBot Genesis Documentation there’s a link to the RPi Adapter schematic there.

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