Enterprise WiFi

Can I connected the Farmbot OS to a WiFi network with WPA-Enterprise network. It will ask me to use a username and password.

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No, they don’t support WPA-Enterprise yet.

What is the status for WPA2 Enterprise support?

The issue is still open https://github.com/FarmBot/farmbot_os/issues/281

Why can’t we just configure the wifi via the command line on the RPI3? Configuring the wpa-supplicant via a ssh should work.

I’ve bypassed this by using old samsung phone and buying prepaid internet card… total cost is approx. 1 EUR/month.
This also allowed me to make FB totally independent to any ISP failures and power failures (solar power+battery) as phone is being charged from RPi3 :slight_smile: .

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You’ll still have your telco operator as a gateway to the internet. Better yet, you’d get a dual-sim phone with two different sim cards :slight_smile:

Of course, that’s total overkill, but also cool.

Is there any update to this? We are trying to connect to a school wifi network (WPA-Enterprise) that requires both a username and password. I see that as of a year ago only WPA-Personal accounts were supported. Are there future plans to support both? Trying to figure out if I need to go a prepaid wifi hotspot route to get our bot running but am hesitant to move forward with that option if there is an easy work around for the Enterprise wifi issue…

As there appear to be many users who are in need of a way to connect to WPA-Enterprise networks, I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be possible to make the wpa-supplicant file accessible at the top level of the microSD card. Then a user could make edits there simply by inserting the card into a computer and editing that file. I have seen other distributions that work this way (e. g. Octoprint).

I have been able to connect a raspberry pi running Raspbian to my university WPA-Enterprise network by editing the wpa-supplicant file, so I might expect the same would be possible with FarmBot OS. This could provide a solution for at least some of the users who are on university campuses or other locations with WPA-Enterprise networks.

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