Error code 24 after long power outage

I had problem connecting to the FarmBot. I last connected it in March this year, so I think it should fall into the “a very long power outage. (code 24)” issue.
According to log, I was “Trying to emergency lock firmware before powerdown”, I checked with the troubleshooting guide, it suggests me to click the “UNLOCK” button.
But I can’t find the “UNLOCK” button. Any idea on how to solve the problem?

@AgriFuture This is a very old log, just don’t mind about that.

Your device probably has a really old version. Flash the newest OS version on your SD-card and go through the configurator again. Check for more information.

I flashed the OS version on my SD-card but the problem still exists. It’s currently 8.0.3

Now the problem is solved. Seems it has something to do with power supply I connected to the RAMP1.4 shield. Thanks for the help!

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