Error messages in sequence

Hi all,

I started a sequence to water my plants. Suddenly these error messages were issued but I don´t have a clue what they
should tell me?! When I restarted the sequence all went fine, that´s annoying and you cannot work with the FB remotely if you are not nearby…

Please help FB Team.


Getting the same messages as well, in a variety of situations. The beginning of this video shows the issue happening with Find Home on a sequence.

37 and again in 5.0.6.

@roryaronson @Gabriel any help? What is that, why is that?

We are currently testing a possible solution to this issue that decreases the chances of encountering the error. Currently, command communication is checked in a very strict manner that stops a sequence or command rather than continuing into a situation where something could be wrong. The fix increases the reliability of that check.

@Gabriel, did this fix ever go out? I’m on the latest version but still having issues with this. I have to make a homing regimen to go out 5 minutes before every other regimen to make sure that its homed and failed at least once already.

The fix for this issue has been released with FarmBot OS v6.0.1.