Errors or old info in the software setup?

I’m not sure if this is old, or just representing some deprecated approaches, but the software setup instructions refer to gathering the UUID and some details from a credentials.yml file and manually registering your device with the web app. It seems that currently the setup.db process is setting up the secret.txt file instead and the raspberry pi controller is auto-registering itself with the web app.

Is this correct, and is this the new approach? It looks like the web app is behind a bit in taking or allowing registration details to be added / associated with a device registration as well, judging by the non-editable fields and the “fix me” entry. Is that also correct? or have I failed to set something up correctly?


I should mention I’m happy to update instructions or help out in any way if that’s useful. Just getting the electronics setup for our first farm bot, and looking forward to getting our first working instance up.