Explanation of Farmbot Growing X Vegetables Per week


I’m new to the forum and have been gardening all my life. I know the explanation is probably rather simple but for some reason I’m not getting it. I’ve only ever grown fruit, fruit trees and garden plants. When it says that FarmBot can provide vegetables each week for a family of four what does it mean exactly? For example, let’s say I grow artichoke, asparagus, lettuce, kale, broccoli and black beans, would any of these grow fast enough to be harvested each week and replanted/replenished? I am experienced with software and mechanical engineering but not with vegetable gardening so please excuse the novice question!

FarmBot =4.5 m 2

To get an idea. Translation of the french auto.
For a family in France for 4/5 person. Self sufficient
ml = linear meter

I’ll list my productions knowing that from one year to the next we can do or not do certain vegetables.
Spring potatoes 200 nouvelles150 plans: 40 / 50 m 2
Onions white + onions rouges120 / 140p:8 ml
Carrots: 3ml
Small pea: 8 ml
Feves:8 ml
Salads/radish: 8ml
Salads of winter: 4ml
Asparagus: 4 ml
From April/may
Tomatoes: 30 plants
Peppers: 6 plants
Eggplant: 6 plants
Zucchini: 6 plants
Cucumbers: 6 plants
Melons: 4 / 6plants
Squash: 4 plants
Beans: 8 ml… 8ml (do in twice in 1 month of interval)
Beets: 4 ml
Cardoon: 6/9 plants (sown in bucket then transplanted)
Salads: 8ml
Leek: 20 ml
Parsley/dill/Chervil/coriander/Mint/Sage/thyme/Rosemary /…
From July/August
Carrots: 8 ml
Endive: 8 ml
Mash: 4 ml
Turnips: 4 ml
Cabbage: 6 plants
Cabbages of Brussels: 6 / 8plants
Chard: 6 / 8 plants
From September/October
Mash: 4 ml
Spinach: 8ml
Lettuce: 4 ml

This list is not exhaustive and certainly forgot, this is only a draft that everyone can adapt to his garden.
For these plantations that are spread over the year from February until October for the sowing and planting the area used is around 120 m 2.
Most of the seedlings are made in** cash box, pots or nursery.**
More about http://www.aujardin.org/indicateurs-rendements-legumes-petits-fruits-aromates-t85625-90.html#Y6oQjWS495qoGvVZ.99


@HDMaico: What does your unit ml = linear meter mean?

As some extra info, our (theoretical) analysis is here: http://farmbot.io/yield/