Express XL planting seeds

Its unclear to me how the seeder is supposed to work. Do i need to adjust the seed tray or the nozzle? The weeder will come into contact with the tray before it is close enough to pull the seed with the vacuum pump. Also is the seed tray meant to just contain 1 or 2 seeds? Because if the seeds are small it would appear they will all get sucked up into the nozzle. Or blown around.

You need to attach one of the needles to the luer connector.

Here you can see the weeder and the luer connector.

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Here a photo of our bot’s express tool. Please keep in mind that seeding might sound easier than it actually is. We are still working on a reliable process…

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As shown in @jensGeorgsen’s photo, the luer lock needle should be long enough to reach into the seed troughs without interference from the spiral spray nozzle. Note: the kits do not ship with a luer lock needle attached - you can find those in the box with the extra parts. They look like this. You’ll need to attach one of the appropriate size using a quarter-turn before you run a seeding sequence, and then remove it once you are done. Three different sizes are included with the kit so even very small seeds should work fine.

Thank you everyone for the detailed responses! I understand what is going on much better now. I can’t find the luer connector in my box. It isn’t pre-attached as you can see from the photos. I went through the online documentation of the pre-assembly and it would appear that it is supposed to come already screwed in. Its not available in the store either. Can i get a replacement luer connector?

Hi @Shuza yes, the Luer Lock Adapter should have come pre-assembled on the z-axis assembly. It is possible it unscrewed during shipping and is somewhere in the box, if you still have the box. If you can’t find it, email with your original order number and we’ll get a replacement sent your way!