Failed movement - axis_timeout_z - when run from farmware


I’ve got recently relatively strange behaviour - when I trigger sequences from farmware (loop plants or MLH) I get timeouts on Z axis movement. Z axis very very slowly moving up, but it takes to long to execute a movement.

I can move Z axis without problems, in case I use farmbot sequences & relative movements.

Any ideas what could be the cause?
(I’ve checked voltage, overheating of stepper drivers. I use 1/2 microstepping on Z axis)

many thanks for advice


Please activate the firmware logs (only “sent”) and start the farmware again.

Then we should be able to see the speed output of the farmware like this:

So it is always much slower when the axis is moved by the farmware as it is when you run in in the controls tab?

I observed this behaviour i’d like to troubleshoot.

I send the Z axis all the way up (e.g. from -50 to 0) via controls page.


farmbot would stop after couple of centimeters of going up and would not even retry.

In the logs - everything looks as if the movement was finished correctly:

I am currently running A4988 driver on the Z axis with 1/2 microstepping… Vref on the driver is 0.9V.

Try to measure the distance that the bot moved. 50mm are 5cm which also can be a couple of centimeters for us :smile:

Your position after moving seems to be corrected by the encoders to 27mm … So there might also be a mistake in your encoder/step per mm settings … But we will see if you can measure the travelled distance :slight_smile:

Thanks I’ll do that.

From time to time I also get “Arduino debug message: deactivate motor Z due to missed steps”. the screenshot below is during homing, but I have this from time to time also during problematic movements of Z axis inside a sequence.

and this is how the failed Z axis movement due to time out typically looks in logs:

attaching also my motor settings:

Your Steps per MM config seems a bit strange to me. I believe that all your axes are not moving the correct distances. It would be great if you could check this.

If I am correct you would need to change the STEPS PER MM to the default values (5,5,25) and only change the MICROSTEPS PER STEP just as you did (2 for 1/2 stepping).