Farduino obj file

Hallo im building my own farmbot on a budget. I have tried to built it using the ramps 1.4 but it is not working out for me. Is there a obj file of the farmduino and the UTM so i cant open it in easyEDA to edit the pcb for my own farmbot project. There is a PrjPcb file but it is limited to alitum software.

Sorry, at this time we just have the source files that are available in the documentation. Do you know what the issue is with RAMPS v1.4 and the Arduino MEGA 2560? All of our first generation customers have FarmBots with that electronics set, so it is fully supported.

my nema 17 steppermotors only get 2 volts or nofing at all but the arduino gets the singals of the raspberry pi. While i put 24 volts on the ramps true a secondery pouwer supply. I set the Farmbot firmware to the Ramps 1.4 board. Sorry for my English im a 16 year old student so my English isent that great.

The earlier model FarmBot machines use a 12 VDC power supply for RAMPS with a 5 VDC step-down (buck) supply for the Arduino.

Have you used a DMM to set reasonable output current on each of the stepper drivers ?

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I got the problem it was 12 volt not 24 and there was a issue with the driver not properly setup. I changed the pot meter on top of the driver and that fixed the problem