Farm bot + Greenhouse in New England


I’d love some ideas/opinions on a small greenhouse dedicated to a farm bot in Massachusetts. I’d love to grow some strawberries and cherry tomatoes, and other types if it can do it. Wanted one for a long time, is this feasible to do in a greenhouse?


Hi @killercatfish

Yes, several users have set the device up in a greenhouse. It’s a pretty common use case.

This is a photo shared by a forum member (Dick H)

And another by Joe Hou:

And one last one. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the user who submit this photo:


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I am in Rhode Island and have a Genesis XL 1.5 installed in my yard in a garden enclosed by a fence. I have been thinking about ways to put it in a greenhouse for the fall/winter months and then remove the greenhouse for the summer. The problem is the snow load. I’m worried about using a typical hoop house because I don’t want weight of snow to collapse the hoop house and damage the FarmBot.

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I am in cleveland, ohio and had a 10 x 20 foot greenhouse built to house the farmbot. This year had lettuce, spinach, green beans, onions, melons, cabbages, and eggplants, Have not planted tomatoes because they get too tall. The farmbot has only about 3 foot clearance so you have to keep the plants trimmed. Last year I was picking lettuce and onions at Christmas. I used a electric heater when the temperatures got below 20. Here is a photo from August this year.


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