Farm bot + Greenhouse in New England


I’d love some ideas/opinions on a small greenhouse dedicated to a farm bot in Massachusetts. I’d love to grow some strawberries and cherry tomatoes, and other types if it can do it. Wanted one for a long time, is this feasible to do in a greenhouse?


Hi @killercatfish

Yes, several users have set the device up in a greenhouse. It’s a pretty common use case.

This is a photo shared by a forum member (Dick H)

And another by Joe Hou:

And one last one. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the user who submit this photo:



I am in Rhode Island and have a Genesis XL 1.5 installed in my yard in a garden enclosed by a fence. I have been thinking about ways to put it in a greenhouse for the fall/winter months and then remove the greenhouse for the summer. The problem is the snow load. I’m worried about using a typical hoop house because I don’t want weight of snow to collapse the hoop house and damage the FarmBot.