Farm bot owners

I’m trying to understand if someone already have a genesis product to get some reviews on the product.
We are on the way to get one and I’m trying to talk with people who already own it.
Is there such a thing or only in February people would start having their own farmbot genesis?

Very few people have a FarmBot. If they do have one, it means they are working for the company or have built it themselves from the documentation. So you’ll probably need to wait until March or April for some honest reviews from the general public who has pre-ordered a kit.

We’re just building a consortium here in the UK to get a FarmBot up and running before Christmas and one of our group has already pre-ordered one from FarmBot for delivery next year, so it’s a race to see which will be build quickest :slight_smile:

So we’re happy to discuss our experiences fabricating, rigging and running as it happens

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Hello community, It’s my first post here.
I’m planning to order my first farmbot this month, but like many people, first I wanted to see it somewhere in action. I think will be good, if we have a map (I couldn’t find any) with the farmbot owners, where everyone who wants to share, can leave some contacts, so we can meet and share ideas on a regional level.