Farm Designer in Metric, Can it be changed to Feet/Inches?

I’m just learning about FarmBot and hope to buy a system. It would help me if the workspace and other areas were in normal measurements. Using feet/inches would make things much easier for me. I don’t have any sense of size using Metric and to use your layout I have to convert every measurement and/or location before I can use it.


Welcome Global444
I am in Australia, where we were migrated to the metric measurement system almost 50 years ago.
I still think in feet and inches, but the metric system is soooo much better than imperial.
I work with both systems, since my hobbies include engineering and restoring old British motorbikes, but all you really need to know is that there are 25.4mm in one inch.
A bit of thinking about what you are doing initially, but once converting back and forth becomes a habit, you start catching yourself thinking things like 3 feet 4 inches and 3.5mm

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