Farm Events Won’t Start

when programming events and the same thing happens to me, it does not perform any action. Any solution to the problem. please help


Hi @Cris7 Is your Farm Event a Sequence or a Regimen ?

If it’s a Sequence, does it execute correctly by running it manually ? ( press RUN on sequence page )

yes, when running it works normally, but when programming the event it doesn’t work

I tried both modes and nothing, it doesn’t run alone, all manual

@Cris7 please show us how to reproduce the issue that you are having, and tell us what FarmbotOS version and Farmbot device you are using.

Also, I’m interested to see

  • The detail of the Sequence you are wanting to schedule
  • A screen-shot of the Farm Event as you create it, for example

I share the requested information. It still does not comply with the programmed orders, but it works with the “RUN” button

Versión: v15.4.1

Modelo: Genesis v1.6

Firmware: v6.6.22 Farmduino (Genesis v1.6)

It does not update, could that be the problem?

No, that’s not a relevant problem (though, maybe the underlying code could be refactored a little).

Please post any log records that appear between 12:55PM and 1:05PM ( i.e. covering the Event start time )
While you’re logged-in with the Web App, use this link to see those logs :slight_smile: Logs - FarmBot

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