Farmbot 1.2+ Connection Failed on Reboot and SW update


OK. So. The GFI outlet that powered the farmbot went bad. The Farmbot won’t completely restart. The Raspberry Pi came on line and I followed instructions to update OS to do trouble shooting. Now it won’t finihs reboot. Just looking for ideas on how to start troubleshooting. Attached some pictures. We have had a bit of rain. Opened the electronics box and it is bone dry in there. Red light on Raspberry Pi and green was flashing when it restarted before OS update. (not sure now becuase it is dark and I closed it up in case of more rain).

Also need to add that before I tried sw update, the line between Message Broker and Farmbot was green. Raspberry Pi had a green checkmark in circle. Arduino had a red line and red x.

John, rather than trying to troubleshoot old electronics, I would suggest to simply upgrade to the latest version of the FarmBot Genesis electronics. The v1.6/v1.7 electronics is significantly easier and more reliable than the v1.2 that you are currently running.

I believe that with the correct wires/connectors the NEMA 17 motors simply plug in to the new electronics board.

Here is the link to the new Farmduino:

Here is the link to the new Upgrade kit

Right now there is only XL stock available, and it will still work with your kit, you will just need to manage a few feet of extra cable.

Note: The v1.6 electronics operate at 24v. Genesis v1.2 and v1.3 electronics operated at 12v, so you will also need a 24v solenoid valve and 24v LED strip if you are upgrading from one of those versions. v1.2 kits may also need a larger electronics box.

The electronics box sold on the website only comes with a Farmduino already in it for $390. Do I also need one of the new UTM? or will it work with the original UTM that used zipties to connect the leads? Will the existing motors plug into the new board?

I think I need:

  1. This box: Genesis v1.6 Electronics Box — FarmBot
  2. Power supply
  3. Power supply cable
  4. 24v Vacuum Pump with EMI Filter
  5. 2-piece shielded Vacuum Pump Cable (Y-axis and Z-axis sections)
  6. 2-piece shielded UTM cable (Y-axis and Z-axis sections)
  7. 24v solenoid
  8. 24v LED light
  9. UTM
  10. UTM PCB
  11. Other stuff to go from 1.2+ to 1.6/1.7?

Do you think Farmbot will work with me on kitting all this up affordably?

Hi John,

I’d be happy to help you get upgraded from v1.2 to v1.6/v1.7 electronics. And as one of our first customers and a valuable community member here on the forum we can absolutely put together an affordable package.

The list you have is a good start and all components you listed are recommended and/or necessary for the upgrade because of the switch to 24v and various connector improvements over the years. And, while not completely necessary, I would also recommend:

  • New motor cables because they have locking connectors on the Farmduino end and the Z cable is split into Y-axis and Z-axis sections which makes installation and maintenance easier.
  • New encoder cables because they have locking, single-piece connectors on the Farmduino end, and the Z cable is split into Y- and Z-axis sections.
  • New camera and camera cable because they have shielded cabling and the overall cable is split as well.
  • Solenoid valve mount, new solenoid valve cable, a GHT to barb adapter, and another NPT to barb adapter so that you can mount the solenoid on the gantry column, which reduces cabling in the X cable carrier and allows the tubing to be split between the X and Y cable carriers.
  • A brass 90-degree barb for splitting the water tubing at the Y and Z cable carrier.
  • I cannot remember if you already performed these upgrades, but the vacuum pump creates much more suction when mounted on the Z-axis rather than off the FarmBot as in the v1.2 design. So that requires a vacuum pump mount and cover. I would also recommend the inline air filter to prevent debris from clogging the pump.

I will send you a direct message in a moment with some additional information :slight_smile:

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