FArmbot 1.6 Rotary Tool and Soil Sensor PCB

Hi, I’m mount my 1.6 farmbot, and because the dollar and brazzilian import tax I’m can’t buy the Farmduino or any PCB. So thank god you guys let we use the Source files. Print PCB and BOM componets it’s far more cheaper in the local ditributers. But, until now, I’m can’t find sources files of the Soil sensor and Rotary Tool PCB’s. Please can’t you guys disposal this sources files on a link ? And other request, can you guys rename on Bill of Materials page the name of the page : Pi Adapter Board (Pi Adapter Board | FarmBot Genesis Documentation) to the name of Pi Adapter Board PCB, and any others that in this categori to the same name at the end (PCB) it’s more easy to us . Thanks

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