Farmbot artwork - Yin-Yang Mandala - for public relations

Hello FarmBot community,
I was immediately delighted and obviously inspired, when spotting this project.
Especially as you serve your learning as an Open Source concept.

Based on the Open Source idea I want to share this idea.
I won’t be able to realize this idea on my own for several reasons.
But if someone is thinking like me, that it might possibly support the FarmBot idea…
Maybe the community will make it happen… For sure I would like to accompany the realisation.

Basic idea is to have some kind of show case for a presentation or trade show.
It should be possible to adjust the realisation on large scale of durations, from hours up to days.

Using YinYang as basic symbol means having two colors - beeing able to use even only one material.
I hope I make it to connect the pdf with the one pager describing the concept.

onepager Gardening Mandala YINYANG

And to be clear, I know it’s not any essential thing for your project,
definetly I wish the project all the best.

And I definetly will have an eye on the progress here anyway.

Best regards
Robert Baru

A matching event for FarmBot to be promoted in Germany and/or Europe
might be the International Gardening Exhibition in 2017 in Berlin.
(Will perfectly take place in my hometown…)

No matter including or excluding my idea…

Even if it wouldn’t be able to place in official sites…
As inofficial programm it has still the chance to attract international journalists anyway.

Perfect to see Farmbot in action for some months.
Starting April Duration 186 days…