Farmbot can't connect to

I have tried everything here and the websockets test is successful. I have a good wifi signal where the farmbot is and have run configuration multiple times and the connectivity diagnosis is always:


Your browser is connected correctly, but we have no recent record of FarmBot connecting to the internet. This usually happens because of a bad WiFi signal in the garden, a bad password during configuration, or a very long power outage. (code 24)

Iā€™m on Genesis 1.4 and the latest OS. I even deleted my old account because it was a 1.1 account and created a new one. The electronics box was prebuilt by Farmbot the LEDs all seem ok but I always have the blue button flashing to tell me to run the config again.

Are there any other tests I can run?

Ok I got an ethernet cable and it works with that so I am going to try and boost my wifi signal.

Ok the wifi booster worked it seems problem solved :slight_smile:

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