Farmbot Connection Troubles: Flashing red and blue lights, can't connect to device

I’ve looked through the forums and haven’t found an answer to my particular case. I hope someone can help out.
Everything was connecting consistently and without problems, until…
I Changed the email and password - Our device is in a school and we needed to change emails so it had its own email, for security reasons.
When it restarted, we got a blinking red light and blue light.
Cannot connect the farmbot.

Wifi shouldn’t be an issue as we are inside the school buildings, and the network strength is strong.
I’ve tried:

1 . Reflashing the firmware on a desktop
2. running the configurator, using different networks
3. running the configurator using the old and new email/password combos (these seem to allow it to config, but never get connected)

The blinking red light is supposed to indicate “low power” according to documentation, but we have adequate power (though I have tried connecting to different plugs and power bars and the problem still persists.)

Any thoughts or work arounds?

Greetings @AidanJ I would be happy to help you get your device online.

I will reply to your post publicly first, as this will help other folks in similar situations. We may need to move to private messages if we can’t resolve the issue easily, since it may require me to look at device logs.

Let’s look at the issue one piece at a time:

This is often a “false positive”. Additionally, we have never seen power issues create network problems. If you experience degraded motor performance, we can investigate later on. For now, the issue can be safely ignored.

Next issue: When you originally sent your screenshot, the device panel showed HTTP connectivity, but no message broker connectivity. I just logged in to your account and now see this:


This means your device has a “Code 16 error” (the device is completely offline):

You are either offline, using a web browser that does not support WebSockets, or are behind a firewall that blocks port 3002. Do not attempt to debug FarmBot hardware until you solve this issue first. You will not be able to troubleshoot hardware issues without a reliable browser and internet connection. (code 16)

This is usually cause by a bad FarmBot account password or bad WiFi credentials. If it is not a bad account or WiFi password, then it may mean that the school IT department has some ports blocked, though I don’t think this is the case if your device was working fine prior to the password change. If you do think it’s an IT-related issue, we publish a guide for IT professionals that you can provide to your IT department. I don’t think we need to get them involved yet, though. This could be a much simpler issue.

One thing to keep in mind about FarmBot OS is that if you enter the wrong password from within the configurator, it will not tell you that your password was incorrect and it will appear to “succeed” even though it was a failed configuration attempt. This may seem counterintuitive, so here’s an explanation as to why a bad password in the configurator appears to “succeed” despite being incorrect:

  • FarmBot has one WiFi module.
  • When in configurator mode, the device cannot access the internet because it is hosting a “captive portal” via the WiFi module.
  • As such, it is impossible for FarmBot to know if the password you provided is correct or not, so there will be no error message if the password was incorrect. Checking a password requires internet connectivity, and FarmBot does not have internet connectivity when in configurator mode.

Before we proceed further, I would ask that you perform one more “hard” re-flash of the device and re-enter the appropriate credentials. Also, make sure that the CAPS LOCK key is not applied and that you have clicked the “eye” icon on the text input boxes so that you can visually verify the password (it is case sensitive).

Please let me know if changing the credentials one more time helps, and we can continue investigating from there.


Dear Rick,

Thank you for the walk through. I was able to get everything back in working order. We are properly connected now and all the connections are correct (solid lights, etc.). Thanks.
Next step is to calibrate the axis’.

Glad to hear @AidanJ . Assuming that you bought a full kit from FarmBot, Inc. you may email for assistance with motor setup and calibration (if you need it).

Have a great day!

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