Farmbot delivery delays

I’ve been waiting for about 9 month for our farmbot. I can understand Covid and supply chain issues, but there must be something else going on because this seems to have happened since precovid. We continue to get the same response, that it will be delivered within the week which I’ve now learned is simply not true. I’ve read on this forum that others have had to wait for more than a year, that is not an option for us. We thought this would be a viable research tool for us and others but I’m not so sure anymore. Unfortunately we’ve missed out on a number of opportunities and my own graduation will likely need to be delayed. I’ve been told that our unit is stuck on a container somewhere in Oakland. If we don’t get it in the next 2 weeks we will like a refund. @Marc has there been any attempt to contact port authority at Oakland to see what’s the hold up?

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