Farmbot digital 3D twin

Hi, my team in Australia has developed an application to allow any Farmbot user to create a 3D digital twin of your garden and repeat it over time. The application is installed locally and interfaces directly with your Farmbot to run the image capture sequences, it then combines those images into a 3D render of your garden that you can fly through and around. The sequence to collect the images can take some time (for my garden it 1200 photos 1.5m x 2.7m). The code and instructions are available on Github here : Home · jonathonwolfe/chance-the-gardener Wiki · GitHub and here Release v1.0.0 · jonathonwolfe/chance-the-gardener · GitHub
We undertook this project to extend the abilities of the farmbot into the digital world, because it maps the reality of the images to the farmbot plant location co ordinates it may have alternative uses.
We did it to make a compelling and fun alternative way to experience your garden

We are grateful for the support of Rick and the team at Farmbot encouraging our project. I look forward to seeing some other garden 3 D renders appearing soon. thanks @Jack


Thanks for sharing @Jack and special thanks to @Wathik for all the hard work he put into this on the coding side!

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