FarmBot dosen't trigger Event

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I have just finished building my FarmBot Genesis v1.6. All the sequences and regimens I need are created. Now I wanted to plant for the first time, but neither a sequence nor a regimen is triggered by an event.

Everything else is working correctly, and the sequences themselves function well. I have already tried a hard and soft reset, but it didn’t change anything. The timezone is set correctly as well. I connected the FarmBot via an Ethernet cable.

One thing I noticed is that when I set an event for mounting the tool, one time it said something like variable not found. Unfortunately I could not reproduce that occurance. So something must be triggerd by the event, the sequence just can’t be executed.

Has anyone got an idea what could cause such a problem or an idea of what I could look into?

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Hi @kuj98 and Welcome !

Try a very simple sequence for your Farm Event . . something like a SEND MESSAGE block.

Hi jsimmonds,

thanks for the quick response!
The event didn’t work with a send message command either.
After the set time has passed, the event panel looks like this:

Besides that, nothing happened.


That’s odd :thinking:

Your test Sequence for this Farm Event used a single Step : one SEND_MESSAGE block,
is that right ?
Does this test Sequence run manually and produce the expected message(s) ?

executing the send message sequence by its self works just fine, like the rest of the sequences, but it can’t be executed via an event.
After setting the debug level to maximum settings, the logs show that the arduino can’t be flashed but I don’t understand why.
Here is a screenshot of the Logs:

@kuj98 that Debug log says that FBOS is timing out waiting to hear from the Farmduino.
Try re-seating the connectors on the Farmduino Data Cable or replacing that cable with a known good one.

Otherwise you could seek help from FarmBot Inc. I suppose.


This problem getting the Farmduino flashed and running is likely the cause of Farm Events not executing . . I have a memory of that FBOS code requiring a happy Farmduino.

Switching the data cable didn’t solve the problem unfortunately.
Thanks for your help!!

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