Farmbot Express 1.0 for sale (Austin, TX)

I’m looking to sell my Farmbot Express 1.0. I pre-ordered it July 2019. It arrived May 2020, and I gave it the ol’ college try. My raised garden bed was not precise enough for the rollers to run along the belt with any confidence, and the bed has since gotten more warped and out of level. I found some potential solutions online now that more people have gotten their hands on these, but this has become a project I no longer wish to invest time into.

All the parts are here, but one of the belts did break, I noticed while dismantling it today. The belts are available for sale though, I saw in the forums, and it’s a small price for that fix: GT2-2M Timing Belt - By the Foot - OpenBuilds Part Store The Farmbot’s been living outside, and I unfortunately never reached the let’s plug everything in and turn it on stage, so it’s not been thoroughly tested pre-sale.

I’m looking to get $1000 for it plus whatever it’s going to cost to ship. Retail pre-order was $1495, so you’re getting a deep discount. If anyone is interested locally, I’m located in Austin, TX.


If anybody was interested in this but the price was still too steep, I’ve listed it on eBay starting at $500. Farmbot Express 1.0 | eBay

Farmbot has been sold.