Farmbot Express appears offline after firmware update

Hi all,

After todays firmware auto update i find my farmbit express appearing offline each time i try to run a sequence or do a move through the webapp. I need ti keep refreshing the page for it to appear online.

I have not experienced this before the update. Is this normal?


Quick update.

After a few reboots to troubleshoot the issue, there was a latest firmware update few minutes ago and everything seems to be back to normal now.

My apologies. Thanks



I had the same issue but with no such luck… I tried updating firmware, reboots etc… The boot sequence is stuck at 50% for some reason. When I reboot it’s looking for UARTs: ttyAMA0… but according to the setting… I have a V1.1 farmduino and the Pi should be looking for UARTs: ttyUSB0… any ideas how to change that so it’s looking for the farmduino? The firmware can’t be installed because the Pi and the Farmduino are not “talking” together since the Pi is looking at the wrong Port… the Pis OS is up to date too…

Hi @Marc_music_mich

That’s the device used on Express v1.0 machines (with Raspberry Pi Zero W computer).

If you have a genuine Express v1.1 bot, check that you’ve flashed FBOS v15.4.4 for RPi3 to the SDHC card.
[ Express v1.1 FBOS and firmware ]

Try setting the Web App FarmBot SETTINGS for your Express v1.1 while it’s off-line :

  • FIRMWARE (Farmduino (Express v1.1))

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