Farmbot Express camera "error taking photo"

Hello, we recently got a Farmbot express to use and while setting it up I noticed that I couldn’t seem to get the camera to work. It’s not saying that there’s no camera detected but it seems to throw an error anytime I try to take a photo, update it’s software or otherwise interact with it in the camera tab, specifically “Error: error taking photo”
Farmbot error
It’s entirely possible that we have a faulty camera, and if that’s the case we’ll get a new one but it’s also possible that this is some sort of software issue. I’ve tried resetting and re-flashing the software multiple times with no luck as well as rechecking all the connects. Something that might have caused this issue is that as we were setting it up we accidentally plugged in the camera to the Z axis, so it’s possible we burnt out the camera by trying to feed it motor power.

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Hello @Jqck ,

Please review this camera troubleshooting guide.