Farmbot Express XL 1.0 for sale - Canada

I’m putting my Farmbot Express XL 1.0 for sale. I have to sell it because I don’t have enough time to enjoy it as I wanted.

I tried to make it work last summer but I wasn’t able because of my bed that wasn’t straight enough. This summer I managed to straighten the bed but it still had some perfectionning to be done with the X axis, probably due to my very large 7’x16’ bed.

I see more ways to remediate to it online but I have new projects for next summer. I am therefore selling it here, so my robot doesn’t die alone in my basement. I paid 2200$+tx for it so I am looking to get around 1500$ for it.
I am located in Montreal, Canada. Dont hesistate to contact me for further informations!

Hey Emile ,

I would be interested , been a while i’m looking into buying one and this looks like a good oportunity .

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Hello Allex,

I will be doing an Ebay listing tomorrow for it and post it here once it’s done, you will be able to contact me on my Ebay profile then.

Have a great day,


Hey everyone, as I have still not sold it and I want to free the space it takes before the end of summer, I have reduced the price to 1000$ :slight_smile:
Here is the link to the new Ebay listing: Farmbot Express XL 1.0 | eBay

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