Farmbot Express XL v1.0 Available - Brisbane, Australia

G’day Community!

I’m in the process of moving house to a new place where I don’t have space for my Farmbot Express XL :frowning: Wondering if anyone might be interested in this? I will be very reasonable with any interested party, it’s been set up at my place for about 12 months and in good working order. I would prefer if someone was able to pick this up locally, but thought I’d try y’all first before trying FB Marketplace.


CC: @Kreecha not sure if you’re still active with this around these parts but thought it might be worth pinging you specifically

Hi @pjberkman
Thanks for the tag.
I have also emailed you as I’m curious whereabouts in Brissy you are based.

I’m interested and would like to hear from you,

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What part of Brisbane are you located, have you thought of a price your chasing

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Hi @Leoqus, I’m on the North side in Ferny Hills, I was thinking $500 would be great. Where are you based?

@Kreecha I didn’t get an email from you sorry :frowning: I’m based in Ferny Hills, please do reach out!

If this is still available, I’m interested.

@Kreecha @Leoqus Kytro sorry this is no longer available.

It turns out the person who purchased our house is a software dev and keen gardener, and is requesting the farmbot stay behind as a part of the house purchase. Another new Farmot community member!

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