FarmBot extra materials

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry if my question is repeated.I would like to know is it possible to order an extra materials? As I want to build longer bed, so I need not 2 but 4 track extructions and 4 track end places and so on.


Hi Arnold,

At this time we are only offering the single sized FarmBot kits. After we ship all of the pre-orders out in February we will open up an online store where you can purchase extra components, or you can use the open-source designs and bill of materials to make/buy them yourself.

Hi !
Do you think you will offer in the online store some section of the kit ?

For example : I could be interested by Extrusions/Drive train/Plates parts only …


Hi @francoois,

Yes, we plan on offering all of the parts in a FarmBot individually, as well as in packs for stuff like “all the plates” or a “drivetrain pack”. This will not be available though until probably March.

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Ok, really good thing to know :slight_smile: