Farmbot for dummies?

I purchased one of the first Farmbots and then did not assemble it for almost a year. Last week I finally had the time to put it together. I had relatively minor troubles assembling the unit with my biggest problem being wire length. I ended up rewiring each axis at least once.
I set up a sequence for all the tools and it picks them up and puts them away as expected.
This is where I get lost. I watch the videos but truly don’t know what to do next.

Is there a full set of regimens that I can just copy so I can get this machine doing what it was built to do? I can change the needed coordinates easily if I have a working template to change. Most of the direction I find is far more advanced than I can handle. I just want to have the machine plant, water and weed some carrots and beets and such.

Thanks for helping (or not)

Hey there. It took me a while to setup the first lot of regimes. It’s not just plug and play unfortunately. There is some farmwares to automate planting and watering You will still have to setup the initial sequences to pick up theme tool and then return the tool.

Thank you