Farmbot For Sale! $1100USD

I took over this project from my son and have just about everything in place (water pressure reducer, tools, frame paint, and the camera mount to go). Should have it done this weekend.

The unit is based on a 1.2 and has the Raspberry/Arduino controller.

It runs super smooth and I paid a lot of attention to the rail straightness to make it so. Cables are labeled on both ends and I’ve enclosed the water solenoid rather than have it exposed. I upgraded the power supply (better quality) and the Buck adapter (cooler unit) as well.

Why am I selling? I’m a robotics nerd, not a gardener. My “fun” was building this machine. Love the idea of a green thumb, and even, eating better, but alas, the heavy lifting of assembling, tuning, troubleshooting is over and I’m moving on to rebuilding an airplane.

I’ve “upgraded” the motor controllers to the “silent” units and printed a couple of the parts/tools myself.

I’m in Austin, Texas and can deliver anywhere within about 150mi. Even Houston. I’ll include an hour of training (even though, these things are super easy.). I can’t ship this though - it’s just too big.

Post questions here and if interested, we’ll get connected! (Can we DM here in the forum?)

Here are some pics:

TMC 2208 “silent” driver

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I am interested. Is this still available? Thanks

Sure! Where are you located? I’ll DM my contact info. . .cd

I am located in Oakville, Canada, but I am planning to be in Vail Colorado from December 18th to 31st. Would you be able to disassemble it and putter in in some boxes? Would you be so kind and also send the list of items that came with the original package?

Thank hou

Hi Cris,

If Spkr25 didn’t purchase, I’m interested!

Nope - I’m sure the logistics got in the way and never heard back - I dm’d you my phone number - call if interested. . .cd

Did you sell it?

No - on my patio. . . I’m just not a gardener - been having fun with setting up the watering tool and some sequences. Good times in a pandemic. . . DM me if you want to talk about it. . .cd

Hi, if you haven’t sold it I might be interested… Up in SC…

Hi Cris. I am in Austin and very interested if you haven’t sold it yet. Let me know, thanks!

Sure - wanna come see it? I’ve made some mods to the water supply (heavy duty due to fluctuations in water pressure here). Camera is a bit blurry - not sure why. Currently have it above ground with a “planter” straddled across the 2x12’s.