FarmBot Genesis v1.3 Documentation Now Available!

Dear FarmBot community,

Today we published v1.3 of the FarmBot Genesis documentation. This release includes our most comprehensive step-by-step assembly instructions yet, a full bill of materials including tech specs of every part, the complete native v1.3 CAD model, and more.

In addition to being used by our customers to assemble their kits, these docs empower people (like you!) all over the globe with the ideas and information needed to help further improve and adapt FarmBot technology for everyone. This is our commitment to open-source in action. We hope you enjoy browsing and using the documentation as much as we do. Cheers!

FarmBot Genesis v1.3:



Will there be an upgrade guide for people who currently own the Genesis v1.2? I’m particularly interested in how I could move the vacuum pump onto the Z-Axis.

@mdingena once we have our online shop ready we’ll also make some guides for upgrading various aspects of v1.2 to the v1.3 stuff, including the new vacuum pump mounting location :slight_smile: