FarmBot in Quibdó (Colombia)

Greetings from Colombia
We want to implement the FarmBot in a department of Colombia called Chocó, specifically in its capital Quibdó.
Which has climatic conditions of high moisture content, rainfall throughout the year and high temperatures.
The idea is to support and implement new technologies to guarantee the food sovereignty of the families that inhabit this region.
The questions are:
Can the weather conditions of this region be incorporated into the FarmBot for control?
The species to be cultivated are different from those indicated in the demos, among which we have: banana, cassava, potato, ahuyama, onion, among others, what conditions should the species have to cultivate?
Do you need special components that prevent FarmBot from being implemented in our country (electronics are easy to achieve) what kind of material is used in 3D prints?
Stay tuned

Hi Harvey,
The weather conditions, I do believe that there is a planned feature to use local weather sourced from or something similar, but since I have not done much experimenting with the scheduling system I cannot 100% confirm this. (I am still in the process of constructing my FarmBot)
You can grow anything on Farmbot that is under 75 cm tall, so your banana trees would not go over too well, or anything that grows on a bush. For everything else, It will work fine. They also have a website that is currently being added to of everything they have grown and people are trying to grow, I would expect this to expand as the consumer versions of Farmbot ship out because more people will be trying more plants (
The components are all easy to find and used in many many CNC projects, the only problem for Columbia would be the shipping, it is very expensive in the US and Columbia is a lot farther away, as well as import duties. I would also not recommend building one of these without some technical experience from another smaller 3d printer or CNC project because the instructions as of now are not very clear on Farmbot assembly. You could buy a Prusa I3 V2 kit for about $600 USD as something to practice with and one of the best low-cost printers on the market that could be used at a later date, or even to print the parts for Farmbot.
The material I use for the 3d printed parts is ABS. If you buy the parts prefabricated from Shapeways they use ABS or something like it. I would not recommend using PLA because it is more likely to biodegrade, especially when exposed to UV light.

If you need any more help or would like to know where I purchased my parts, or even talk about haveing an assembled kit shipped to you (I know one of the FarmBot founders personally) don’t hesitate to reply.

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Hello @david_hickox, @HarveyGuevara,

We have just launched our Farmbot Kits for order, and we can also ship to Colombia (free delivery).
You can check our website to have a look and leave feedback.

If you are interested, let me know, i will be more than pleased to help you.

Thank you.