Farmbot indoors

I would like to see a duplication of the plot - top level and bottom level , maybe more depending on space.
how high and what dimensions can be done?
I viewed a program on Ecopia farms with intensive indoor gardening commercial scale. It says only 12 oz of water used per head of lettuce. Their site talks about a proprietary soil mix. I am using hydroponics but wondering about the efficiency in a small greenhouse and what could be done to duplicate the return of productivity
One plot - does not seem to be adequate for average household use and I wonder if scale can be added to decrease operational costs.
so if it went vertically , or was able to add multiple plots. Is that possible?

I think it is definitely possible to stack beds and bots on top of each other in a vertical gardening style warehouse, though we’re talking multiple bots, not the same one tending to multiple stacked beds - that would be much tougher from a hardware standpoint.