Online Shop Now Open

Hi FarmBot community,

Today (in addition to announcing FarmBot Genesis XL) we also opened up our long-awaited online shop with a handful of items. We’re starting out with the most requested components such as the cameras and v1.3 Farmduino, and we also have a few partial kits such as the motors + encoders + cables kit.

Over the coming months we’ll be expanding our offering as we ramp up our warehouse’s capabilities.

As promised, we’ll be sending out store credit coupons to all of our v1.2 backers later this month to thank you all for the early support of this project and our company. Cheers!


This is great! Good job, guys!

I’m missing conversion kits. If there is one things I’d like to see in the shop, it’d be conversion kits for keeping existing Farmbots up to date with latest hardware developments. I see I can get the Farmduino. That’s cool. But what I really need is the mounting plate to move my vacuum to the Z-Axis. And I’m sure future versions of Genesis will demand more upgrade / conversion kits.

For example, a “Genesis v1.3 Upgrade Kit” would contain

  • Plastic vacuum housing
  • Vacuum mounting plate
  • Farmduino (optional)

The Farmduino would be optional, since it won’t add anything new over the existing Arduino + RAMPS setup from v1.2 (and you’ve promised to keep supporting this setup anyways). But some people would get the Farmduino anyways.

And each time a new hardware version is released, you’ve offer the “delta parts” in a kit, to make it easy for us to keep up.

Another great kit to have would be “Track Extension Kits”. These kits would contain track segments, cable carrier segments, longer cabling, and depending on how much extra track is added, two stronger X-axis motors.

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Yep, we hear you! We’ll be getting a few more products and “upgrade kits” in the shop soon :slight_smile:

Are the store credits going to be issued by email or by postal mail?

Email :slight_smile: