Farmbot keeps watering harvested and removed plants

Hi there,

although some plants are marked as harvested or removed, whereas these stages are not selected in the group.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong and/or how to fix this?

Thanks in advance and best regards - Dick

Hi @Dick ,

I took a look at your account and can see several (6) groups- which group is the one that you use for watering?

Group ‘All except carrots’

@Dick I took a look at your device, but please keep in mind that since I checked the device remotely, it is not possible for me to see things like movements.

You’ve stated that points with a plant_stage of “harvested” and “removed” are showing up. I was able to find exactly one such occurrence- there was one bok choy plant that was contained in the group despite being marked as “harvested”. Even though the bok choy plant is marked as “harvested”, the point group system appears to be working as expected, since the plant was manually added to the group (see screenshot below):

A few questions:

  • I could not find any removed plants in the group - which removed plants did you see erroneously added to the group?
  • If possible, can you tell me which plants specifically were included in the group?

Also, in the future, please upgrade your FBOS version before requesting support. There are some debug facilities missing from your current FBOS version. Upgrading will give me better visibility into the problem.

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