FarmBot meets FarmVille development tool?

I’m not a computer expert but did a couple of CAD and programming modules

I’m wondering if FarmBot has an application or ideas for an application which can allow testing of new tool designs, species parameters, hardware, software, etc, in a virtual, almost game-like, environment for those of us who aren’t perhaps rich enough to own land or buy a FarmBot?

With growth parameters for certain plant species and ability to program and modify a virtual FarmBot to try and maximise virtual yields so that a person could play with FarmBot and help present improvements to the product, with the hardware and software, without having to invest or without having to wait for half a year for the crops to develop

I guess an open source development tool like this might also be able to be the subject of a machine learning development project in the distant future which could work on tool head or other hardware/software improvements?

Anyway if it’s not already a development tool I probably wouldn’t be much use in it’s creation if it’s a good idea although I could at least write a bit of code (if in python) on github

I just love the FarmBot idea

Hope it goes well

I think opening up the possibility for people in poorer parts of Africa and Asia to code etc for this project would really help it’s propagation because there are many people there who are looking to automate their subsistence farming so they can have the time to work different jobs, if that’s something this community would be interested in