Farmbot moves out of the map on X-Axis

My farmbot moves inverted, that is, from the home point out of the map. I have home in the right upper corner. The bot moves correct in the real field, but on my virtual map starting from the home corner it moves right directon out of the map (not like in reality left direction through the field). I have tried everything countless times…

  • Set Home
  • Find Home
  • Find length
  • Zero point on the map
  • Rotate map
  • Invert Motors
  • Invert X-axis motor

I am very confused. I don’t even know exactly how to describe the error or where to start looking for the problem in a strutured way.

We have installed our Farmbot Genesis XL in a greenhouse. Since we could not reach the screws of the X-axis so well from the outside, we mounted some things the other way around. Also the UTM on the Z-axis was mounted rotated.

Photos of the installation in the greenhouse

Who can help me? Is it perhaps possible for someone to connect remotely? I have an 8k camera on the ceiling of my greenhouse. So you can see the bot very well from above.

Hello @Kay

It would be important to know, what your device does exactly, like to which coordinate it moves. I’ve made a few screenshots, please let us know the following things:

  • You press the move command arrow to the left right? (Blue box)
  • Does your device move to a positive coordinate? (Green box)

Moving away from home, your axis should always reach positive coordinate values.

Hey, I can’t see your screenshots, but I made myself one, so maybe it is easier to understand the problem.

In the browser I told the bot to move left (and in reality it moves from my Homepoint to the left, but in my virtual map he leaves the field in the opposite direction.

Sorry for that, looks like there was a mistake on my side.

Looks like your axis is moving to the wrong direction. Invert both X-Axis motors and the X-axis encoder. Also invert the jog buttons so the direction matches the real direction:

Do not use the same toggle states as shown in the screenshot, just toggle those one time.

Now your X-Axis should still move in the proper direction, but move into a positive coordination.

Good Morning from Germany. Thank you for your reply. I did like you told me. But now he is stuck in the right upper corner, because the Home position is on there. i tried finding the length but it didn’t help. he moves like on the virtual map but somehow he still behaves as if i had home on the left side (hope this is understandable).

Can you show us a screenshot?

So you cant move to the left (positive direction)?

When homing, does it move into the proper direction (to the right side)?

quick question: is it possible to share my account with you? So that you can log in and see everything? We can also change the language from german to english.

Unfortunately not, only Farmbot staff members are able to see right into WebApp accounts. Sharing account credentials also should not be an option (to your own safety!). If we can’t figure this out this way, we can ask the official Farmbot support for help.

I’m fine with German, but it might be more comfortable for other people coming across this thread. You already know how to change internationalization?

When I try to move left, he tries to drive to the left in real. You hear three attempts (trr, trr, trr) and then he has a error. On the map you see that he would move to the right out of the map.

I think the current problem is caused by the inversion of the encoder.

If I invert the encoder again, the bot moves to the left again in real life, but goes to the right in the virtual map.


After inverting the encoder it still moves virtually to the right? Sounds like nothing happened when you changed the parameter.
Usually after changing the invert toggle of your encoder, the axis should be almost instantly displayed mirrored to the home line, in my case from 197mm to -197mm. That is an indicator, that the parameter has changed.

Should look like this

The movement error you are receiving is probably caused by the motor turning the other way than the encoder expects. If you also invert the motors it will move again, but the axis always moves to wrong direction. In this case I would rotate the motor plug for 180°, but I think you can’t do that on a Farmduino board right?

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