Farmbot NANO - toy for kids

Hi All Farmbot fans,

I would like to share with you my current project of a Farmbot NANO. It is let’s say a toy which I am creating for my children. Just to play with it and grow couple of microgreens :o) and to get a bit from a real Farmbot technology. It is work in progress so please be lenient. Currently it can pick up a seed and place it to the field. I still need to work a bit on the seed picking as not always 100% successful, but it is a toy only not a production tool. So can survive with it anyway :o) . Then it also do watering.

I will try to post here when something new on this project. I will be happy for your comments.

Initial photos and testing:

And first test: HERE

Thanks and have a good farming day…


Very interesting! We always enjoy seeing people’s FarmBot-inspired creations. I have passed your video along to the rest of the team.

Thank you Rick. I am happy to read you like it. :o) Hopefully I will have more time to work on it to make it interesting also for others who would like to build it at home too. Could be fun for kids to make it by themself or with parents. And maybe it could attract them later to the real Farmbot solution as I see really huge potential of Farmbot project.

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