Farmbot onboot turn on peripheral

I am wondering if there is an easy way to automatically turn on a peripheral upon a boot?

or execute a lua start up script?



local pinTable = {
kind = “write_pin”,
args = {
pin_number = {
kind = “named_pin”,
args = {
pin_type = “Peripheral”,
pin_id = 7250
pin_value = 1,
pin_mode = 0

Hi @jturbett
That’s an easy one :slight_smile:

In my BOOT SEQUENCE setting (in FARMBOT settings) I specify a sequence which contains a Lua block but I use the CONTROL PERIPHERAL block in that Sequence to switch my Peripheral.
“Works fine on my bot” :tm:

Interesting, I had one in there but didn’t fire and I assumed it was code vs the broken wire I had feeding the motorcycle 24v to USB converter… Always blame software first ! and then over think it … THANK YOU

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