FarmBot OS .img File Corrupt (Express XL v1.0)

I downloaded the .img file for the Express XL v1.0 on two separate computers today but it keeps saying that the file is corrupt. Is anyone else having any issues with the file itself (The FarmBot Web App) not working? Any suggestions?

Welcome @Judy !

Could you give us more details about when and where you see that “file is corrupt” warning ?

That downloaded Express XL V1.0 software image file is not a file that Windows or MacOS would recognize . . you need to use that file only to create a bootable MicroSDHC card that the Farmbot hardware will use.

This part of the online FarmBot Documentation is a useful guide for the process.

P.s. If you need to verify the SHA256 checksum for that .IMG file you can find it at

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