Farmbot OS - local build - https server rights

Hello guys,
I would like to reporoduce the fambot OS build.
As I see no others did probably try because github repositories are defined with ssh access (owner only). Ok I fixed this locally and even nerves installation and requirements.
Unfortunately now I see issue with HTTP server. Good I could hack it, byt I do winder how fambot developers handle this.

13:11:13.015 [notice] Application unicode_util_compat exited: :stopped
=INFO REPORT==== 4-Apr-2023::13:11:13.016290 ===
    application: certifi
    exited: stopped
    type: temporary

** (Mix) Could not start application farmbot: FarmbotOS.start(:normal, []) returned an error: shutdown: failed to start child: FarmbotOS.Configurator.Supervisor
    ** (EXIT) shutdown: failed to start child: {:ranch_listener_sup, FarmbotOS.Configurator.Router.HTTP}
        ** (EXIT) shutdown: failed to start child: :ranch_acceptors_sup
            ** (EXIT) {:listen_error, FarmbotOS.Configurator.Router.HTTP, :eacces}

Using sudo is probalby not the right solution, do you really run this on ubuntu as I do ? It seems I do this in some odd way or different than is expected or farmbot guys do.

And if I understand this will run farmbot OS on my ubuntu, but how you move this on rpi (binary image) ?

Thank you for help, curiosity slowly kills me…

Ok, seems solved when I move to port above 2000 (by configuring env variables before the build).

export FARMBOT_SERVER=honza

Issue posponed…

The binary file is done in next steps… as says… No idea where is the binary file but I will figure this out… It search for fwup on my ubuntu… no notes for nerves on ubuntu for the fwup - strange. But tis is probably the reason why I do not see the binary image (hope *.img file).

Unfortunately my tests fail for many reasons, the biggest seem to be this :
20:16:20.828 [error] Exqlite.Connection (#PID<0.343.0>) failed to connect: ** (Exqlite.Error) database is locked


Hello me, fwup is distributed externally in the fwup project for ubuntu… nothing in ubuntu repos (why? messy?).

sudo dpkg -i fwup_1.10.0_amd64.deb

Tests commented in the for curiosity if the rest will pass/run. The build continues…


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Hi! My team is also going to customize the farmbot OS build . We installed Nerves and all requirements on the Ubuntu server and also fixed the repository locally.
The dependencies we use are elixir 1.13.2-otp-24 ,erlang 24.2, and nerves 1.21.1
However, when we run the it fails when running script:
and reports that host Erlang version 24 does not match target version 25.
So, I switched to Erlang version 25.1.2 as documented in the change log for rpi4, and it fails when running the same command, and the report looks like this:

Have you met with a similar problem before and could you please give us some advice on how to reproduce the farmbot OS?

I soolved this incompatibility by switching on erlang 24.3.4 .

diff --git a/.tool-versions b/.tool-versions
index d1763280..62aec588 100644
--- a/.tool-versions
+++ b/.tool-versions
@@ -1,2 +1,2 @@
-erlang 24.2
+erlang 24.3.4
elixir 1.13.2-otp-24
  • I also cleaned the asdf installed vesions and reistalled them…
    $ rm -rf /home/honza/.asdf/plugins/erlang/
    $ asdf plugin-add erlang
    $ asdf install erlang 24.3.4
    $ asdf plugin-add elixir
    $ asdf install elixir 1.13.2-otp-24

The erlang 25 sounds nice, but I am bit puzzled by this messy nerves stuff. I would really prefer yocto above this toy (only rpi and beagle boards really? WTF). For example the UEFI boot for x86_64 is obsolete and unmaintained (really?).

I did try to investigate how to switch this project on x86_64 platform, but I afraid there is no chance or too much work to do that. My company has really nice pico-ITX boards for real embedded stuff (vibrations, temperature, reliability) so I would like to use them but I see no chance.

If you will try to run the HTTP server then please let me know how you did solve the security issue (root privilege).

good luck, Jan

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