FarmBot OS v13.1.0 is now in Beta Preview - Feedback Welcome

FarmBot OS v13.1.0 Beta Release

Today we are announcing the beta release of FarmBot OS v13.1.0.

About Beta Releases

A beta release is a version of FarmBot OS that is almost ready for public use but is still under active testing.

If you are eager to try new features before they are publicly released, you may opt-in to receive a beta update for your device (instructions below).

If you require a high level of stability for your device (eg: it is currently tending to a live garden), it may be best to wait for the official release since a beta release may have slight stability issues. We appreciate bug reports for problems found on beta versions of FarmBot OS.

What’s New?

FBOS v13.1.0 is a stability upgrade. Though it adds few new features, it offers noticeable performance and stability improvements for users with network connectivity problems.

  • New network transport layer that is less prone to disconnects.
    • Better support for poor WiFi connectivity.
    • Fewer disconnects.
    • Improved FarmEvent scheduler stability.
    • Improved overall performance

If you operate a device on a network that suffers from frequent disconnects, this release may help alleviate some symptoms. Enterprise and education customers may need to allow outbound access to TCP port 8883 in this new version. Please see this document for more information about network settings.

How to Opt-In

We appreciate bug reports on beta versions- please let us know if you have problems!

If you want to try the latest beta versions, you may switch your device to the “beta” channel as follows:

  • Open the device settings popup by clicking the device version in the device settings panel.
  • Next, click on the device’s FBOS version number
  • Select “beta” in the drop-down labeled “OS RELEASE CHANNEL.”
  • Click “UPDATE TO 13.1.0”

If you experience problems not seen in the previous version, please leave a comment.

NOTE: This screenshot is from a previous FBOS version. Your version will differ.


NOTE: This screenshot is from a previous FBOS version. Your version will differ.


checks notes

  1. Handle same-Regimen scheduling conflicts by fixing the queuing mechanism
  2. Fix Farm Events triggering
  3. Fix Sequence looping

That’s a huge milestone in my book, guys! :tada: Keep up the good work!

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After 2 days, we have not noticed any issues with this release. Thanks to everyone who has already provided feedback.

Pending any new issues, we are on schedule to release this version of FBOS on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

We still appreciate bug reports and beta testing from community members in the interim.


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