FarmBot OS v14.3.2 released. v13 Support Window Closing

New FarmBot OS Release - 14.3.2

We recently released FarmBot OS v14.3.2. This release contains routine dependency upgrades as well as a bug fix for pin bindings under specific circumstances.

Reporting Bugs

If you have any issues after an upgrade, please let us know in this thread so that we can address the matter quickly. After reporting the issue, you may downgrade temporarily by disabling AUTO UPDATE and downloading the previous FBOS version:

v13 Support Window Ending

As stated in our documentation, FarmBot OS does not have a long term support policy and upgrades are not optional if you are using the public server at

If you are upgrading to v14 and your device operates on a restricted / heavily firewalled network you may need to contact your IT department to add outbound access to port 8883. More information can be found in our document for IT professionals.

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