FarmBot OS v14.5.0 Beta Preview

FarmBot OS v14.5.0 Beta Preview

Today we are announcing the beta release of FarmBot OS v14.5.0.

About Beta Releases

A beta release is a version of FarmBot OS that is almost ready for public use but is still under active testing.

If you are eager to try new features before they are publicly released, you may opt-in to receive a beta update for your device (instructions below).

If you require a high level of stability for your device (e.g., it is currently tending to a live garden), it may be best to wait for the official release since a beta release may have slight stability issues. We appreciate bug reports for problems found on beta versions of FarmBot OS.

How to Opt-In

Please follow the official instructions.

What’s New?

  • Routine security and dependency updates.
  • Improved firmware performance for Express users
  • Bugfix: FarmEvents that executed too early at boot time would fail.
  • Bugfix: Clean up pin binding log output.

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