Farmbot owners in Germany sought [Deutschland]


I’m looking for Farmbot owners in Germany (or the Netherlands). I’m especially interested in how to substitute the stock components like aluminium rails with European-made equipment.

You may directly contact me by mail address (link at Pastebin).

As I’m living in a humid, low-lying region I plan to avoid irrigation or at least directly put the drip irrigation tubes into the planting bed.


Hey @tannenbaum
I am running a custom built Farmbot near Stuttgart for more than 2 years. I would recommend to take a look at the BOM file, that our Farmbot-Europe members created.

This is a good choice for sure. I made the experience that for some plants, especially those with huge leaves, the bot can’t reach the plant itself when watering, so it has to spend a lot of water to get the plant watered.


Hi @Ascend and @duesentrieb

thank you for the link to the BOM thread. Is this the current document?

Maybe I should try to assemble a new list for the Farmbot 1.4 version.


Ich bin kein großer Techniker, aber bei uns zu Hause haben wir eine (wenn auch ziemlich löchrige) Tröpfchenbewässerung für unsere Kirschbäume.
So etwas ergibt natürlich erst richtig Sinn wenn man über einen eigenen Brunnen verfügt; der muss auch keine Trinkwasserqualität haben.


Kind regards


Oh I didn’t even notice that someone merged the contact list with the BOM list. Here you can find the new file.