Farmbot skips lua commands sporadically

Unfortunately, I am still struggling to get the sequences to do what they are supposed to do. Even the simplest LUA scripts fail for me. I am an end user from Germany and I suspect that the commands are experiencing too long a delay to be processed correctly via your American server and get back to my farmbot in Germany.

My investigations have shown that random LUA commands are ignored, skipped and not processed. This leads to e.g.

  1. Mounting Tool does not work

    • The Farmbot regularly bypasses the tool (when mounting or dismounting). The tool location information is set perfectly but it misses by 10cm or does not manage to bring the tool back into the tool bay
    • Even if it has mounted the tool, it is not recognised and leads to further errors
  2. LUA commands are ignored
    Unfortunately, it regularly happens that the Farmbot skips LUA command lines, which leads to massive problems: For example, how the move{z=0} is sporadically ingonated

I want to go on holiday soon and would be grateful if everything could work automatically.

I think it’s due to the command delay but I could be wrong. It would be great if you could also offer an on-premise version of the farmbot app so that the transport routes are minimised.

Maybe my LUA commands are not perfect either. Can someone please help me with this?

Hi there

Without seeing the code, it is hard to tell what is going on. I have some experience with regards to processsng delays due to the servers being in the USA but these issues do not sound like the kinds of things that are related. There are delays with plants and points but they can be coded around easy enough. (I have written posts about that and many other issues).

There were some issues on mount_tool() and the IF statement to check the pin BC state. The watering head has poor connections in the UTM. Raising the pins and adding stronger magnets makes a huge difference and I have added extra code to check if it loaded successfully and if it did not, it presses the tool against the base to make it connect. These can be coded past but you need to be specific and provide materials to assist.

I would suggest you use sequences to constantly mount and dismount the tool say 20 or 20 times to see if FB can do that with out issue. Is that is successful and your LUA code fails there may be a coding error or such in the LUA script.

To debug this kind of thing I would suggest one problem per threat in this forum with details on the code so other users, such as myself, can look at the code / sequence, test and assist.

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