Farmbot used in conjunction with Aquaponics

It would be great if ferryboat could be used in conjunction with an Aquaponics system. Heres a link to explain aquaponics below:
What do you think!!


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That would be great !
The soil sensor and watering nozzle would be useless, but other measurements like pH would be needed.
I however wonder how the UTM would be useful ? moving around small plants to bigger spots ?


possibly the UTM could be used to plant seedlings in seed raising pots then move them to be planted in the Aquaponics system

He hello

I’m planning a "big"aquaponics greenhouse for the year 2017.

Already bussy for years with aquaponics ( with subs

And i’m also intrested in farmbot :slight_smile:

i was thinking about picking up the plants to empty holes for more grow space.

Implementing a A.I based self learning infrared webcam data logger. To take snap shots everyday of the plant health and development meassured.
thinking about the google opensource A.I thingy they released

implementing a moving grid of lights so plants will grow faster. with increase up to 100-300%

or add a laser to it :stuck_out_tongue:

and use the raspberry also for a system where fish can push a button to get feed. So they can eat when they want .
it will also increase fish growth with 30%

well keep you all updated gonna be a excited new year

check the links i can only post 2 links as a newby :smiley:

greetings from Joachim Bongers


Hello Joachim, I am also very interested in combining automation and robotics technology to aquaponic farming. I think this is a very fascinating area with many people solving the same problems. Perhaps we can share the existing open source farmbot platform to expand into aquaponic technology.

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I really like this mister.

I am also interested in the subject :thumbsup:

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Great idea to work together to more fun it will be .
Planning these cups from a dutch man “botman hydroponics” it has already some plastic bar to grip it by a farmbot robot arm.
Was looking for some robot arms on alie express and they are not so expensive and have more radius to operate.

The only problem i’m facing now is the cable carrier that will be 25 meters long.
I don’t know how much money i have for such long canle carrier and the nema motor can pull it. And the cable carrier won’t bend and twist because of the length.

So i was thinking about sending a 5 volt over the tracks for power supply to the motors, and send the data digital through wifi protocol. Less cables less cable carrier more money for the project.

Also found a cheap solution for 105 meters of aluminium tracks



I am interested in the topic, which is actually how i found farmbot in google search and eventually this forum.

I have read many materials about aquaponic on internet but they are rather scattered. Do you have first steps that you would suggest for a person to go into aquaponic? Maybe not a correct question for this forum but i think the automation part comes second :stuck_out_tongue: